Thursday, June 08, 2006


Aeon has one mall in Morioka but now they are building another newer, bigger one on the same side of town! Does Morioka really need another mall? Most people I talk to don't think so but what do we know? Aeon is one of the most successful companies in Japan right now! I've heard they are also building a mall in Ichinoseki but I'm not going to rush down there and look for myself.

What Lies etween the Mountain and the Field
[Aeon Mall in Morioka]

The Morioka mall opened in August, 2003 and boasts 41,245 square meters of floor space with parking for 2,800 cars. Generally the newer malls are larger with over 77,000 square meters of space and parking for more than 40,000 cars. They are not especially commuter friendly. When the Morioka mall opened traffic backed up on the Tohoku Expressway every weekend for a kilometer or so!

Long Shadow
[Bus stop 10 at Morioka Station.]

There is a bus going to the mall from Morioka Station which takes about 15 minutes or so. Some buses go directly to the mall but others pass by on the highway in front. It used to be that if you asked the bus driver or staff about buses to the mall they would only tell you about the ones that went to the door. They wouldn't tell about the ones stopping directly across the street from the mall. You had to ask about those seperately using the name of the bus stop - 'Shimomaegata'! Now they have generally figured out that people are willing to cross the street and walk the half block across the parking lot to the mall.

Be sure and see their web pages in ENGLISH and JAPANESE for more information.


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