Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Pair of Butterflies

Summer brings out the wildlife in a big way. I was driving in Isawa last Sunday and saw a fox in the middle of the road! It took its sweet time moving along too. Here are a couple of butterflies I spotted recently.

Artogeia melete 638
[Artogeia melete - スジグロシロチョウ]

This is a common butterfly that occurs throughout Japan. I went to a remote Shinto Shrine near the Kitakami River in Esashi and found dozens of these flitting about the glade surrounding the shrine.

Ypthima argus - top
[Ypthima argus - ヒメウラナミジャノメ]

Another common butterfly that can be found everywhere in Japan. I found this one near the public library in Mizusawa.

If you want to see more bugs from Iwate take a look at my Iwate Bugs set on Flickr.


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