Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dr. and Mrs. Schroer

Mrs. and Dr. Schroer
[Cornelia and Gilbert Schroer]

Reverend Gilbert Schroer came to Japan as a missionary in 1922 with his wife, Cornelia. They lived and worked in Morioka from about 1924 after receiving language training in Tokyo and Sendai. They opened a school as well, the Morioka Christian Education Center.

Life in Japan was apparently much like it was in America. They lived in an American style home and ate American style food. Despite a high level of acceptance and even popularity they were arrested in 1941 after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. According to news reports they were treated quite badly until August, 1942 when they were allowed to return home on the S. S. Gripsholm, a repatriation boat.

The couple returned to Japan in 1954 but lived in Soma City in Fukushima Prefecture. Mrs. Schroer also taught education at Miyagi College in Sendai.

The Iwate Buddy now has several newspaper article available online about them -
May 5, 1942 - The Lima (OHIO) News
April 22, 1944 - The Frederick (MARYLAND) Post
October 16, 1944 - Wisconsin Rapids (WISCONSIN) Daily Tribune
November 13, 1960 - The Lima (OHIO) News


Anonymous born1945 said...

Interesting articles about Dr. & Mrs. Schroer. There must also be an interesting history of the ship, the S.S. Gripsholm, that carried the two back to the USA during WW2.

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