Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hanamaki Rose Festival

You'd better hurry - there is only one more week left for you to see all the gorgeous roses at the Hanamaki Rose Festival. The last day is July 2nd!

Hanamaki 211
[View of the gardens and fountain.]

There are hundreds of varieties from all over the globe elegantly displayed throughout the garden. The garden itself was designed by Kenji Miyazawa, the famous writer and educator from Hanamaki. There are winding paths and lush arbors everywhere.

But do try to go early. The gates open at 10:00 each day but the crowds don't really get there until around noon. Then you won't be able to find a parking space and you won't be able to walk around - just shuffle along at best! The garden is at Hanamaki Hot Spring, one of the more famous resorts in Iwate.

Roses from the Hanamaki Rose Festival
[Four kinds of roses at the Festival]

Besides the roses there are some herbs and other kinds of flowers. And if that doesn't get your attention I saw a lot of butterflies, bees, beetles and other varieties of wildlife!

The Hanamaki Hot Spring website has English, Chinese and Korean pages as well as Japanese! The page for the Rose Festival is in Japanese only. Unfortunately the discount coupon period hes expired - you will have to pay full price!


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