Friday, July 07, 2006

Kitakami's Warner Mycal Cinema

Kitakami is not the largest city in Iwate or the most exciting (maybe) but it does have a lot going for it. It has the best site in Iwate for viewing cherry blossoms - Tenshochi, the best English language bookstore - at American World, the best Russian restaurant - Troika and the very best movie theater - at Sakurano.

Warner Mycal Cinema
[Warner Mycal sign on top of Sakurano]

Sakurano is the big department store that nearly ate Kitakami when it was built a few years ago! The Warner Mycal Cinema is on the fifth floor and has seven screens! They are all conveniently indoors in a temperature and humidity controlled environment with a convenient and free (with validation) parking garage a few steps away. The seven theaters can seat up to 1, 303 people in comfortable stadium seating , with armrests and cutouts for your drinks and popcorn.

One difficulty is that every seat is reserved. The first time I went by myself they didn't ask me where I wanted to sit. They put me in the farthest back corner, which wasn't very good, so I sat in the middle where there were lots of free seats. This caused a problem, of course, when the owner of the seat showed up late and got the staff to evict me. They were quite upset but so was I. They finally agreed to change my seat for the one next to where I was sitting, which no one was using and we all watched the movie happily after that!

You can easily check the show times by going to their website even if you can't read Japanese. There is just enough English you can puzzle out what's what!


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