Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Musen Ojiisan

Just about every city I've lived in has had at least one colorful eccentric character. In Miami, Florida there was a Latino who stood in the median strip every day at rush hour where two major highways intersected waving flags and shouting at the cars like a cheerleader! In Morioka there is a man who rides around on a bicycle shouting into a walkie-talkie and sometimes playing music from a portable tape player. Some people call him Musen Ojiisan or Wireless Grandpa in English!

musen ojiisan
[Wireless Grandpa - 無線お祖父さん]

He seems to be emulating the right wing fanatics who drive around in big trucks blaring patriotic anthems and shouting right-wing slogans. He also has a variety of placards that he displays on the front of his bicycle; an imperial chrysanthemum or a rising sun and he shouts very loudly into his walkie-talkie.

Some people are afraid of him but I have never heard of him harming or even harassing anyone. He is just loud and obnoxious - or entertaining - depending on your point of view! I personally think he adds a bit of variety and color to what can otherwise be a boring, ordinary day!

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Blogger AUKY said...

As for me, sorry but I'm scared of him...

6:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crazy Bike Guy!!!!! I loved that guy. The key is to yell "Hi, how are you" in the same loud throaty voice he spits into his walkitalki!

IwateBuddy B, the site looks great since the lasttime I checked in....I wish i was there!!! Where are all the namita surf photos??

--Iwatebuddy P.

9:20 PM  

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