Saturday, July 22, 2006

Two Bad Bugs

Anoplophora malasiaca - front
[Anoplophora malasiaca]
[ゴマダラカミキリ - gomadara-kamikiri]
[white-spotted longicorn beetle]

This bad little bug eats trees, especially fruit trees like the apple trees that Iwate is famous for! Entomologists have recently lumped it together with Melanauster chinensis or Citrus Longhorned Beetle. You can read more about them in this document from the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization if you want to!

Riptortus clavatus :: bean bug
[Riptortus clavatus]
[ホソヘリカメムシ - hosoheri-kamemushi]
[bean bug]

This is one of the most harmful pests of soybeans in Japan. Both the adult and nymph bean bugs sting the beans in the pods and suck their juice, so that the beans cannot mature, and the pods discolor and/or fall off. Adults are 14 to 17 mm in size and have a variety of body colors from dark brown to red brown. Nymphs have black bodies and are similar to ants. In the temperate zone, the bugs appear two or three times per year and overwinter in the adult stage. More info on this cutie can be found at Fuji Flavor Co. Ltd.

I hope you never meet one unless you really want to!

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